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It’s hard to imagine how big the universe is. It’s hard to comprehend all of time and space. It’s hard to imagine that there couldn’t be alternate life forms in all of that vastness.

I hope there are aliens! I hope they are laughing at me! I hope they will reveal themselves! I hope I can learn, grow and share. I hope they believe in love. I hope they don’t know shame. I hope they are free. I hope they are giant, thin and flat like translucent paper or jellyfish. I hope they are tiny but make great sounds. I hope they are something I could never imagine!

Who knows what forms bodies and consciousness could evolve into within all this variety. Who knows if we even have the facilities to perceive these creatures, vibrations, frequencies and energies.



At first glance, it seems as if Casey Spooner was born into the art realm. And perhaps he was. Spooner didn’t begin with conventional training, which explains why he’s such a pioneer now. From photographing Chloë Sevigny for XOXO Magazine, to co-directing the 2012 independent film ‘Dust,’ Spooner isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, there are some channels that he’s just getting started on

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