Craig Dykers is one of the Founding Partners of Snøhetta, an internationally renowned architecture firm. He recently led the design of The French Laundry Kitchen Expansion and Garden Renovation in Yountville and is currently working on the new Times Square Plaza in New York City.

Albert Watson

creative direction
Melissa Jones



What do you think of technology today?


Technology often mirrors society. Contemporary society is risk adverse, so technology today is also risk adverse, dedicated to removing chance, uncertainty, intuition. How much risk can we afford to lose? Technology remains less conceptual than the human mind. It is focused on intelligent management rather than creative partnership. This is partly because we believe technology should reduce risk and creativity requires and invites risk.


If you could invent any piece of technology, what would it be?

Even though I am a proponent of some risk in life, I would like to invent something that makes bullets and explosions obsolete. Risk should be a personal choice. On a happier note, it would be amazing to invent a lipstick that enhances kiss memories or hand cream that adds pleasure to handshakes.


If you could change one thing about how we live with technology, what would it be?

I believe all technology should lead to something real, rather than in the reverse direction. The tools we create should bring us closer to the things we are making or learning, rather than separating us from them, and each other.


What is the development that you look forward to the most?

The ability to gather water from air, cell regeneration (biological), artificial photosynthesis, transportation options that minimize impact upon cities and landscapes, lightweight organic building components, language learning worms (not translators), voting technology that supports diversity.


In this time of rapid change, is there something old school you would like to see more of?

Knobs…who doesn’t love the feel of a knob? Analog clock faces…time is not modular, it should be seen in its grand fluidity rather than in sticky discreet moments.


Styling, Caitlin Burke    Hair, Brent Lawler    Makeup, Asami Matsuda   

Manicure, Tee Hundley



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