I think it would be narcissistic and naive to think we are the only planet with life, so yes I believe in aliens.

I have personally seen unexplainable things in my life. Aliens, in my mind, may be made of anything, much like I think God could come in any form in terms of matter or energy. But when I write about them or picture a 3 dimensional image of an extraterrestrial, I think they are not much unlike the human form. I feel as if there may be humans in the far evolved future who have learned how to time travel back. I see a sleek, hairless, wide eyed creature with webbed fingers because they have evolved to being able to live on land and in the ocean. They also do not need to speak. Talking will become completely obsolete. The aliens speak through thought and telepathy. I can’t wait to be an alien. Or maybe we already are the aliens.

William Wegman




Masthead contributor Kesha is an American singer and songwriter. 

Contributor photo by Jason Kim