Linda Rodin, a former model and editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine, is a style icon and social media star. The namesake beauty brand she founded in 2008, RODIN, quickly achieved cult status. Having left her role as creative director of RODIN last year, Linda will soon launch an exciting new project.

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What do you think about technology today?


I am a complete and total Luddite. My only indulgence (and somewhat addiction) is to Instagram. I use it as a visual library – finding artists, photographers, places that I never knew existed before. And I do like to Google things, I must admit. If I’m watching an old film for instance, and I want to know more about an actor, I will Google as I’m watching. Not the best idea, but I learn so much more about the actor and his or her performance with some background and history about them.


If you could invent any piece of technology, what would it be?

I am so low-tech that I can’t even imagine what I’d need or want. I am quite happy with my iPhone 6s and my iPad for Netflix. I’ve never used Siri or anything like that. I find with a phone, I can find out almost anything I need. And frankly, life loses some spark when you are going to a new place or restaurant and you can Google the menu, or the contents of a shop. All of this technology has taken some of the thrill out of discovering new places and things. You know exactly what to expect before you’ve even left the house. And I’m not an online shopper. I’ve never understood anyone buying food online. What? How can one buy bananas or fish or lettuce without smelling, touching or seeing them? Food shopping is a joy for me. An adventure.


If you could change one thing about how we live with technology, what would it be?

I would love to rely less and less on all of it. I think life was far more interesting and intimate before all of this. Well, I’m old fashioned I suppose.


What is the development that you look forward to the most?

I am looking forward to them bringing back the blackberry as it was, and the flip phone. How I loved them both.


In this time of rapid change, is there something old school you would like to see more of?

It is really what I’d like to see less of.

I am quite old school and nostalgic for things of the past. And I am also a technophobe. My dad and brother were kind of tech geniuses (way back 50 years ago), so my mother, sister and I relied on them to even plug in our hair dryers. I really miss how, for me, everything seemed so much simpler. And I miss the social connections we all had with people. Social media is rapidly eclipsing social reality. Nobody talks to anyone anymore. We used to meet so many fascinating people just walking down the street in New York City. Now 99% of all pedestrians are on the phone! Me included a lot of the time. It’s tragic really.


Styling, Michaela Dosamentes    Hair, Brent Lawler    Makeup, Asami Matsuda

Manicure, Tee Hundley



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