On another planet similar to earth, with a warm red sun, they evolved in the ocean waters.

They are descendants of early floating organisms that developed through a squared symmetry pattern.

These floating beings grow roots down into the depths whilst forming their upper body above the water surface.

They gulp fresh air into their four large floating sacks surrounding them, expelling the air into the water through a myriad of small pores covering the underwater roots.

Above the surface, they grow tall in the air with their long segmented light neck. Every four segments they have four long, sensitive limbs that hang down to the water to grasp and intertwine with one another.

From the extremities of two limbs touching they make love and form a fused segment which will generate a being.

At the top of their neck is their face which has four sides, each with a light sensitive spot that sees, a thin membraned spot that hears, and a dark hole from which toxic steam is expelled when flying danger appears.

William Wegman


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Masthead contributor Olivier Theyskens is a Belgian fashion designer who has worked with major design houses including Rochas, Nina Ricci and Theory. He currently designs his eponymous line in Paris. 

Contributor photo by Claessens & Deschamps