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Illustrator Raman Djafari breathes life into his work.

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“Regarding the current state of technology, and the future of technology, I feel uncertain, but always hopeful. Feeling unsure results in the need for optimism - a need to feel strength in uncertainty, and to understand doubt as a form of empathy for not only others’ realities, but also your own. I hope that technology’s future regarding artificial intelligence will be an opportunity to rethink our values as human beings. If AI, in the future, is an entity that is more competent at dealing with tasks that we, as a society, have created and learned to value, we might have a chance to restructure our own self-perception and priorities. We can reexamine and focus on the best qualities of being human: having the ability to appreciate aesthetic experiences, to grasp reality on so many different levels, and being able to share those experiences, empathize with the experiences of others, and form individual as well as collective consciousness.

Right now we are continuously confronted with our most apparent and recent fuck-ups. We've forced a climate catastrophe into existence, we are fighting countless wars over dominance of the world’s limited resources, we carry out violence on behalf of clashing ideologies, we alienate those who are different, and allow the distribution of wealth into the hands of a few. With these world issues more present than ever before, it can be hard to orientate our own thoughts and prioritize what is important. Once another form of existence is introduced onto the playing field, we might have access to a new perspective that can be used to reflect upon ourselves. Maybe then, we will have a chance to take action together, collectively as a human race. There could be an understanding of the self and our species through the identification of the other; a process we all have experienced as children individually and re-experienced in our everyday life thereafter as adults. The world we have created is beautiful and admirable but we're blindly racing towards our inevitable fiery doom. So maybe we can only be saved through whatever this otherness might be, which we, for now, can anticipate in the form of an artificial intelligence.”

-Raman Djafari

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Raman Djafari is an illustrator, animator, and director based in Hamburg, Germany. He explores the human condition within the individual and collective’s perception of reality. By creating surreal worlds and characters that oscillate between the familiar and the fantastical, he follows the path of the uncertain and the ambiguous, looking for the poetic nature of the spaces in-between. Currently his work focuses on the emotional (de-)construction of identity in our current societal environment, which he portrays both in his music videos and his figure centric illustrations.

Raman Djafari, Untitled, 2019



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