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Multidisciplinary artist Shelter Serra on the façade of progress.

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“From stone tools to google searches, technology is often a double-edged sword. The idea that the future will be better through science and technology is just an idea. The hyper-accessibility technology provides has created a dangerous homogeny of culture that threatens the pursuit of individuality and personal thought. This non-linear acceleration separates us from our natural origins with a façade of “progress”. Hopefully, the rapid connectivity and advancement of technologies will reach an equilibrium that can be maintained to benefit humanity and not threaten the future.”

-Shelter Serra

On: Technology



Shelter Serra is a New York based multidisciplinary artist. His work investigates our culture’s relationship to objects of status, and how advertising diversifies consumption, fear and beauty. Serra’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries including Marlborough Gallery, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, and Renwick Gallery.

Alexander Graham Bell, Chalk, pencil, ink, charcoal on paper, 2019  



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