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Textile designer Sofia Salazar on beauty in the digital age.

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“I often think about the democratic aspect that technology brings, especially with the internet. With more and more of us having a space to speak our minds, to be heard and seen despite not belonging to more traditional mass media spaces like tv or magazines, it’s easy to get excited and think we can have a say in the way things are around us.

Are the redefinition of beauty standards in our hands? With many different body types beginning to gain notoriety on hugely influential platforms like Instagram, do we stand a chance at changing what is generally perceived as beautiful? Is it possible to escape impositions? Or are we falling into yet another trap, and we’ll end up being used as a new trend to sell the same things for the same hegemonic bodies all over again?”

-Sofia Salazar

On: Beauty



Sofia Salazar is an Argentinian textile designer based in the UK. Through her brand, Hiedra, she creates clothing, artwork and embroidery. Salazar’s work draws inspiration from the Ancient World, particularly Classical Greek sculpture, and is also influenced by mythology, gender, sexuality and 20th century art movements.

Sofia Salazar, Melt, 2019



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