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Botanical artist Sophie Parker pushes the glass boundaries of her medium. 

OP-ED_Sophie Parker for Masthead Magazine

“I am drawn to plants that engage the imagination - to plants that invite you to play among their leaves and blooms. My sculptures are unconcerned with classical formulas for floral arrangement - those traditional rules for beauty that regurgitate the gracious bouquet on the side table. I try to resist those rules and instead create something free and wild like the plant itself. Those rules were born from a history of power, wealth, and privilege. Natural beauty is not calculated, harmonious, and easily contained in a crystal vase - natural beauty is spontaneous and unbound by any formula.”

-Sophie Parker

On: Beauty



Sophie Parker is a New York based painter and botanical installation artist. Exploring the terrain between the organic and the manmade, her whimsical sculptures foreshadow a biological future in which the natural and the synthetic are deeply entangled. Parker is a founding member of the Fruit Exchange Studios, as well as the founder of Wife—the internationally acclaimed art, design, and floral studio, and she is featured as one of the most influential floral artists in the world by Phaidon Press. 

Sophie Parker, The Afternoon Caller, 2019



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